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Every day I learn something new. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the field I work in, through conversations with people, or something I’ve read. If I am not learning, then something is wrong. One of the things that is difficult for me is to keep my attention span focused. If any of you live with ADHD or ADD, then you understand why it’s difficult. Every day can be difficult to focus or to get my thoughts in an organized fashion. It’s part of how I think. What amazes me is how many other people have the same issue.

I was talking with a customer today. She was rambling on and on and her topics of conversation were varied. As I tried to get her to hone in on one area of the conversation, she apologized and said she suffered from ADHD. When I informed her I did too, she said she had never gone on medication for it but should probably have done so. I’ve never been on the meds for it either because I was diagnosed in college but there are some folks that the medication works really well and other folks who become sluggish and don’t operate well with certain types of medicine. It’s always best to check with your doctor before you start any type of regime for medication.

I’ve also noticed that what goes in my mouth can have a direct effect on how I function. One of my friends told me that artificial ingredients can have an impact on how we are able to focus. The old adage of “You are what you eat” may be truer than what many of us would like to think. For example, all the artificial ingredients that are in our food like food dyes, and corn syrup and artificial sweetners, may make the food taste and look better, but what are they really doing to your body? There’s lots of research out there that can get into the specifics but the bottom line is that if we are not willing to look at the ingredients of what is in our food, then we are blindly putting chemicals in our bodies that we never think about. Have any of you ever thought about sodas? In the seventies and eighties, the sodas had more carbonation and umph to them. Over the years, the ingredients have changed. They no longer stay fresh as long, they have a different taste than what they used to and much of it has to do with changes in the food and beverage industries.

That’s just one area that I’ve noticed but I love to look around me and learn about so many different aspects. Rural areas have become more populated with development. Counties and cities want and need the growth but they don’t care about the inconveniences that it brings. I live in a rural area. The development around me is imploding. Trash on the street has quadrupled since this occurred and it only gets worse. I literally go out almost every other day and pick up trash that isn’t mine. But I’ve learned that cities have to have the growth in order to provide services.

This pandemic has taught me a lot too. Both sides of the argument have valid points. We need this economy to keep going. But we also need to feel safe. It’s become such a political hot topic that tempers are short, people are refusing to budge on their opinions and hostility remains with people who do and do not wear masks. Some people feel it infringes on their rights while others feel that other people don’t care who they infect. It’s a nightmare. There are many who believe that this is a conspiracy theory concocted by politicians to instill fear in our society. Well, in that they succeeded. People are scared. They are angry, confused, hurt, frustrated, and ready to go to work. Jobs are being stripped from people because of the lack of being essential, yet all jobs are essential to people paying their bills. Protocols are being instilled in companies to create a contactless approach but let’s get real. Even with that, it still has issues to be addressed. Yes, we can make some provisions but people have to be willing to follow the rules and the ones who don’t follow them can instill feelings of anymosity with others.

Parents have had to learn how to not only pay their bills but how to educate their children. They have become the teacher. To all those who are educators, no one really understood what you brought to the students until this pandemic. There are always going to be good and bad teachers but most parents have begun to see that educators have something that we all could use a little more of. It’s a thing called patience. If we allow our educators to instill knowledge in us, then we can continue to grow off that knowledge.

I’ve been reading many different blogs over the last few days. I’ve been learning about various hacks in social media. I’ve also learned quite a bit more about Zoom. Which for those of you who don’t know much about it, it’s an app that is wonderful for holding meetings and conferences during this pandemic. Yes it requires quite a bit of bandwith but it provides opportunities to connect with the ability to show slides, presentations, and has even allowed for recordings of various shows and musical ventures. The more technology grows, the more opportunities we all obtain.

We all have to keep learning. Especially now. We are all learning new ways to do things in our lives. Keep striving for things that you never thought possible because every day we learn is a day that new things can be built upon. And that makes us strong. Knowledge really can be powerful. Give yourself the power to learn things you never thought you would.

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