Wake Up The Beast In You

It is high time we look deeply into ourselves and start working on ourselves. Inside of us lives a beast capable of doing things, and that beast can only work only we can wake it up and believe. By this I actually mean starving our distractions and feeding our focus, that’s the only way that beast can be waken up.

“Man by nature is raw and wild.” Bringing it down to our normal senses beast are the only creature that posses these two characters at a time (raw and wild).

Being raw, you must be able adapt pain by pain I mean obstacles of life, adapt them, see in them hope, defeat them. One thing u should beer in mind is that while aiming for success be read for obstacles for the must surely come. And they are the only things that determine whether you are worthy for success or not.

Being wild, you must be fearless, yes fear will always come because it is a sign that success is not a child’s play. For example while preparing for an examination, they will always be this fear, the fear is there to make you study hard so as to pass, and the more you study harder the lesser the fear, and the courageous you become. Those who surpasses the fear always pass while those who didn’t always fall.

Do not rely on people, beast always do things in his or her own way. Be self dependent, know it that u are alone. The hardess work is working alone and is the only work that makes you stronger. Remember what makes you different makes you who you are.

Self Being

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Am a boy who is interested in those who love and care for me

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