Stand money don’t make money so what are you scared of. Real people make things work so what are you scared of or why don’t you do so. All u need is a foundation to stand up. But remember the secret for u to grow faster is for you to “Starve your distractions and feed your focus only” only then will the sky be your starting point.

The secret of great men in the world is that the stay awake working while others go to bed “Sacrifice 1% of your time today and enjoy 99% percent of it tomorrow” Remember work hard, pray hard and play soft.

“A stone is broken by the last stroke of a hammer, this doesn’t mean that the first stroke is useless” Success is the result of continuous and persistent effort because nothing good comes easy.

You are not too small to dream big, always aim higher, make the sky your starting point so as to go far and shine like a star. And when u make it as a boss make your own legitimate laws, and always remember that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team.


Published by kingsleyjustin

Am a boy who is interested in those who love and care for me

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